how we teach

Our Students Are Experts


Academic struggles are complex and listening to our students' experiences is key to finding the right intervention.  "I don't understand why I got this wrong" becomes "I don't get any of this; the teacher talks too fast; I can't keep up; it's all too hard." Our support then becomes a task of not only building knowledge and skill but also building confidence and the ability to self-advocate.

We Pursue Mastery


We will explain a concept, model its application and then ask the student to lead us through a similar problem so

we can catch  any faulty reasoning or confusion. We will repeat this as many times as necessary for us to be confident that the student can independently apply the skills with confidence and accuracy.

We Work With You


We work with  students in individual sessions to help them organize their tasks, break down assignments, and to address skill deficits when we encounter them. We always share in their work. You will not find us sitting and watching our students solve problems or write thesis statements. We solve problems with them and enter into a dialogue about the process.  This helps us to get an insight into how they think and problem solve.

We Are Experienced

Jeannie and Jason combine abilities to offer a comprehensive service to our students. We are equipped to handle a wide range of ages, subjects, and skill levels, from elementary math and reading skills, through middle and high school subjects up to advanced AP- and college-level material. For a complete list, please see below.

Subjects we teach

Primary Mathematics

Number Sense



Singapore Math

Middle / High School Mathematics


Algebra I & II

Geometry /  Trigonometry

Pre-calculus / Calculus

Social Studies & General Sciences

English, History, Spanish,

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Primary Language Arts




Middle / High School Language Arts

Reading Comprehension

Essay Outlining & Mechanics

Study Skills

Advanced, Honors & AP

AP Calculus AB & BC

AP Physics I, II & C

AP Chemistry

AP US & European History

AP Macro- & Microeconomics